EuNIT mid-term meeting at La Sapienza University, Rome

On the 16th and 17th of April, all EuNIT partners met at La Sapienza University in Rome for the mid-term meeting of the project.

On this occasion, 41 representatives from all partner universities came together to discuss the progress of the project activities and to decide on next steps.

Two main elements of progress were discussed. Firstly, the completion Work Package 2, which in turn symbolises the completion of the training programme. Secondly, the soon-to-be completed guidebook (Work Package 1) which will serve as a useful tool when partner universities from Jordan Libya and Lebanon will set up their European project design and management units.

The setting up of the units is the next important step of the project, which also marks the beginning of Work Package 3. During this work package, the trainees from partner country universities who followed three different training sessions in programme country universities will become trainers for staff in their own institutions. They will be presenting different European programs and projects in which their universities can participate. They will also carry out training on project submission, management and on the regulations that exist around European projects.

The second day of the meeting was made up of small workshops based around communication and the impact of the project. The participants formed different groups to discuss how they could increase communication and dissemination around the project, how the project has been beneficial to them and their universities and what the highlights of the project activities have been so far. These workshops truly put an emphasis on teamwork and group cohesion and highlighted the benefits of participating in such a project that promotes cultural exchange.

Just like the first half of the project, the mid-term meeting was a success, and all partners are confident that the remaining activities will be just as successful!

For further information on the EuNIT updates, visit the project's website!