The Tethys General Assembly in July 2023: 25 universities are meeting in Sousse University in Tunisia

The Tethys General Assembly, hosted at the University of Sousse by its President, Lofti Belkacem, and its Vice-President, Moez Khenissi, gathered 25 Mediterranean universities. Mauve Carbonell, President of the network points out its relevance for Aix-Marseille University. Established in January 2000, Tethys relentlessly promotes cooperation, encourages cultural and scientific exchanges, and enables fruitful partnerships between the two shores of the Mediterranean. Supported by the French Institute of Tunisia and the French Embassy, the opening ceremony was attended by Fabrice Rousseau, Director of the French Institute of Tunisia and Cooperation and Cultural Action Counsellor at the French Embassy in Tunis, and Gilles Suzanne, University Cooperation Officer.

Training in ERASMUS + projects and a Téthys student network

Nesrine Baklouti, Coordinator of the Erasmus + Tunisia National Office, along with AMU's International Direction for Projects and Networks, trained 80 participants from Europe, the Maghreb and the Near East on Erasmus+ projects call. Additionally, 20 students from the University of Sousse and AMU participated in the Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Development Summer School at the University of Sousse.

WE4LEAD Erasmus + project in the spotlight

The WE4LEAD Erasmus + project aims to enhance women's access to top decision-making positions in HEIs. Isabelle Régner (Vice-President in charge of gender equality and anti-discrimination, AMU and project director) along with Boutheina Ben Hassine (Professor, University of Sousse) delivered a