Auditum kick-off meeting

Téthys took part in Auditum's kick-off meeting on the 11th and 12th of January in Vigo in Spain.

Auditum is an Erasmus+ capacity building project coordinated by the University of Vigo. The project will be carried out over the course of 3 years. Its purpose is to support Moroccan universities in setting up, or strengthening, internal control and audit services by sharing good practices from European universities.

The kick-off meeting was an opportunity to lay out the different objectives and activities of the project. Téthys is in charge of Work Package 1, jointly with the Moroccan Ministry of Higher Education. This Work Package will deliver a legal and organisational framework which are necessary to efficient internal audit and control services. Experts from Aix-Marseille University will also be participating in the project in order to provide quality knowledge to Moroccan partners.

Furthermore, AMU will be welcoming a Moroccan delegation later-on in the project, which will provide an opportunity for them to get more insight into how such services are organised and which tasks are tipically carried-out.

Have a look at the project's website here!