TETHYS obtains 2 ERASMUS + Capacity Building projects

The Euro-Mediterranean Universities Network TETHYS, Aix Marseille University, is pleased to announce that two project proposals have been selected for funding by the European Commission’s ERASMUS + programme, Key Action 2: Capacity Building in Higher Education:

  • EuNIT “European Project Design and Management in the South Mediterranean Region”. The EuNIT project, developed by TETHYS, AMU aims to increase the participation of Higher Education Institutions in the South Mediterranean region in international cooperation projects and maximise their internationalisation efforts. An innovative training programme for European project management and design is planned to prepare the installation of European project design and management units in the Southern Mediterranean partner institutions. The project involves 16 university partners and 6 associated partners from 7 countries in the Mediterranean area (Croatia, France, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, and Spain). The activities will be coordinated by TETHYS, AMU for a 3-year period from the 15th October 2016. The project will be funded to the sum of 1 million euros.


  • SATELIT “Solutions Académiques Pour le Territoire Euro-Méditerranéen Leader d’Innovations et Transferts Technologiques d’Excellence ». The aim of SATELIT, developed by TETHYS, AMU, is to reinforce the position of North African universities in their innovation ecosystem through capacity building, public-private partnerships and leadership. A high added-value training programme involving the mobility of university specialists in innovation and technology transfer is foreseen as well as the constitution of “ELIT”; a Euro-Mediterranean education to innovation hub. The activities will be coordinated by TETHYS, AMU, for a 2-year period from the 15th October 2016 to the 14th October 2018. The project involves 22 partners (public and private) from 6 countries in the Western Mediterranean region (France, Spain, Italy, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria). The project will be funded to the sum of 886,231 euros.


To find out more about these projects, please follow the link: http://tethys.univ-amu.fr/fr/projets