The HERMES project (Development of a Higher Education and Research Area between Europe and the Middle EaSt) is built upon a solid foundation of institutional cooperation between the European higher education institutions (HEIs) involved in the project.

The objective of HERMES is to reinforce educational, cultural and scientific links between partners while implementing European Higher Education Area (EHEA) tools and mechanisms that promote transparency and recognition of studies abroad.

The project offers the opportunity to boost the exchange of know-how for curricula development, new teaching methods, international relations and university management.

HERMES aims, also, at strengthening the relations between European and Middle East institutions and trigger structured long-term cooperation between all partners.

After the end of the European Commission funding, sustainability, valorisation and exploitation of Hermes project will be supported and enhanced.

In this specific perspective and, in generally, for promoting and sustaining cultural dialogue and mutual understanding between partners universities, we have collected public and private funding programs existing in project countries in the field of academic mobility.

Here the essential references of bilateral and/or multilateral programmes concerned, have a look!